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WEDDING IN THE NOBLE COLOURThat was the second wedding in the month of June in Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”.Marta Solibieda dances with the group from the year 2000, when the had begun her carrier form the solo dance with the chicken so the she is called by the members of the group “Marta, the one with chicken”. WEDDING IN THE NOBLE COLOURShe combines her qualities of a dancer with her second passion, job in the Maternity Hospital in Poznań. Marta is very involved in group’s life and she’s also a very friendly and she lending a helping hand person. Marta has participated in about 700 performances presenting polish dances not only in our country but also in Nepal, Portugal, Bulgaria, China and Tunisia.
Marta has met Jędrzej for the first time in April 2005 and just after few months they made decision about engagement. The final of this story took place on the 8th of June 2007 in front of the altar where both, in the name of God, have promised love, fidelity and respect.
WEDDING IN THE NOBLE COLOURThe bridal pair has entered the church passing along a lane made by dancers dressed in Polish noble’s overcoats from turn of 18th and 19th century. Each girl has a white rose that gave to the bride after the wedding. All the ceremony was very in state. Besides the group’s presence there were also the choir in which Marta is one of the singers.
After the ceremony bridal pair has been showered with rose petals and rice in front of the church. 
 All dancers have sung traditional polish songs and they have made a photo together with Marta and Jędrzej. WEDDING IN THE NOBLE COLOURFor a wedding party bridal pair went in red convertible car.
We wish to Marta and Jędrzej a lot of love and happiness in their future life.

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