16 / 04 / 19


As every year before Easter, the dancers of the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” met on a three-day training camp where they trained their dance and vocal skills.
Dancers in the Nietążkowie School Complex located 50 km from Poznań spent a busy weekend, where under the supervision of qualified instructors they trained a total of 23 hours! The band prepares for the next months of concerts, cultural events and promotional activities for folklore. To participate in this year’s workshop, apart from the staff of the team, other educators were also invited. The big challenge was the classes led by Mr. Jacek Wójcik – pedagogue, choreographer, expert of Kurpie dances. Under the supervision of Mr. Jacek, Wielkopolanie, they had the opportunity to get to know the dances of the Kurpie region, its traditions, costumes and chants. Workshops with Mr. Jacek are the first step towards creating a new point in the artistic program that will be dances from the vicinity of the Green Forest. In addition, there was also time to cut dance technique in Polish national and regional dances. In the busy training plan, there was also time to integrate the team. Traditionally, the Wielkopolanie Team Council in the following persons: Adrianna Szymaniak, Nicol Krzyżanek, Paweł Zawadzki, Daniel Powroziewicz and Mikołaj Sierpiński have prepared a great gala of the Oscars of Wielkopolanie. The dancers were divided into various groups, in which they competed for the greatest distinction this evening – the Golden Statuette. On Saturday evening, the actors of the films met in the room: Matrix, Journey to the Future, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter. There were competitions, fun dances and commemorative photos.
Fatigue after an intense workout could be felt on the team’s Monday attempt, but there is a lot of energy in the dancers. We invite you to the next concerts of the band.

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