20 / 03 / 22

The Portrait Masters

In February 2022, the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” dancers participated in a photo session for the world competition The Portrait Masters “Cultures of the world”. The artists from Poznań, invited to cooperate by the only accredited photographer in Poland, showed the beauty of traditional Polish clothing in three versions. The first is a group photo showing five pairs from different regions of Poland: Krakowias, Łowicz, Śląsk, Poznań residents and the Polish nobility. This photo was intended to show the richness and diversity of Polish folk culture, which is part of the national culture. Another idea is generation photography, which shows the generation of the Bambrów Poznański family. The last idea was to show dancers dressed in regional costumes in motion. This photo shows the Beskid Śląski culture in dress and dance, including amazing men’s performances.

Over 20 dancers in Anna Węcel’s studio presented Polish costumes with all accessories prepared by the team manager Piotr Kulka for three days. These costumes are real works of art recreated 1: 1 with extraordinary precision and care over many years by “Wielkopolanie”.

The results were announced online, live in Los Angeles on March 15, 2022. On that day, the ratings of the best portrait judges worldwide were known. Anna Węcel’s photos with the participation of “Wielkopolanie” awards from among the 6800 submitted photos from around the world:

– 2 browns with silver – “a high professional standard of technique and communication and are called ‘Bronze with Distinction”

– 3 bronze medals – “Bronze images demonstrate a professional standard of work.”

The team management would like to thank Ms Anna Węcel for inviting her to cooperate.


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