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Dancers and musicians from folkloristic group have represented native folklore through dancing, singing and wearing costume during the III International Festival of Folklore “Armenia on Crossword of Peace” .

Nowadays, Armenia is a tiny country situated in the western part of Asia, on the Caucasus, place with a rich tradition and history dating back to ancient Urartu. For almost two thousand years of its culture is based on Christianity. Few people know that it is the Armenian rulers, who the  first in the world recognized Christianity as the official religion of his country, which took place in 301 years. Armenia for most of Europeans is almost a forgotten THE OLDEST CHRISTIAN COUNTRY...strip of land to the east. State of the Armenians is a blend of the cultures of Europe and the Middle East.

It` s intrigues and impresses with diversity of traditions and rituals, which arises from the extent of the territory of historical Armenia. Is that culture, customs and rituals, and illustrated with the organizers presented Polish artists participating in the Third International Festival of Folklore. 

“Wielkopolanie” hTHE OLDEST CHRISTIAN COUNTRY...ave presented  Polish traditions and customs everywhere met with great hospitality and warm attitude of the Armenians, the foreign guests on the prepared scenes and during street parades. On the first day of the festival they had the opportunity to visit the inhabitants of the village of Byurakan, who welcomed the “Wielkopolanie” threshold all that family have the best. Armenian tables are always generously pledged to the guests, it was possible to find meat, especially mutton and lamb. There were also aubergines and some kind of lovebirds (wrapped in grape leaves or cabbage). Viticulture, fruit-growing and shepherding are the main branches of the Armenian economy. Armenians like the Poles use the saying: “a guest in the house, God in the house” and treat it very seriously. Newcomer sentence of hosts is the determinant of the position of the family. THE OLDEST CHRISTIAN COUNTRY...

The team had the opportunity performing in many picturesque towns and villages of Armenia ; in Byurakan, Garni, the kanionen Qasakh river, as well as in the capital, Yerevan. It was here, where after visiting and knowledge of the most beautiful monuments ,”Wielkopolanie” had the opportunity to present Polish culture in Arno Babajanyan concert hall next to the Republic Square. After of a few hours` concert all groups taking part in Festival the participants in the spectacle of fountains, presented their artistry for many thousands of people gathered in the square. THE OLDEST CHRISTIAN COUNTRY...

Also noteworthy is the participation of artists in Poznan Armenian Harvest Festival. We could discern here may customs  characteristic of Polish Christmas Plans as sharing bread, folding Hosts Harvest Festival gifts or dancing in a circle around the harvested crops. “Wielkopolanie” had the opportunity to participate here as in traditional winemaking with grapes this year, making butter and bread “lavash”.

The organizers didn`t also forget to present their own history of their country. They are great patriots, proud of their country full of cultural and historical monuments. “Wielkopolanie” had the opportunity to visit many cities and see min .: Greek temple, church. John of the tenth century, a gallery of sculptures depicting the letters of the alphabet Armenian Church Hovhannavank, the Ethnographic Museum (Perch Proshyan`s Home – Museum), up Arin Berd, Church Vahramashen of the tenth century and the ruins of the fortress Amberd of the seventh century, situated at an altitude of 2700m or Monastery Geghard forged in the rocks and a UNESCO heritage site, which dates back to the fourth century, and many, many other beautiful monuments.THE OLDEST CHRISTIAN COUNTRY...

In the landscape of Armenia is dominated by  volcanic Armenia plateau cut by deep ravines and cones of extinct volcanoes. In the history of the nation and its cultural symbolism of importance is the biblical Ararat (5165 m). The beauty of landscapes, along with the natives, and grazing animals, enthuse ’Wielkopolanie’ during the hour journeys venues. 

The population of Armenia is less than  three million people, almost exclusively of ethnic Armenians. Due to its geographical location within the whole of its history was the scene of the clash of influenceTHE OLDEST CHRISTIAN COUNTRY... of neighboring powers. Among other things, because of that same life in Armenia is so difficult that currently 80% of Armenians living in exile, but misses to their native country.

For the “Wielkopolanie” Armenia is a country of many friends and people extremely well-wishers. They enjoy the fact that they adopted the Polish culture with great enthusiasm, emphasizing its beauty and evaluating extremely high. Armenians always with a great desire to participate in traditional activities hosted by the Poles, and Poznan artists happily learned to be extremely dynamic Armenian dances.


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