26 / 05 / 19


The first Night of Museums (Lange Nacht der Museen) took place in Berlin in 1997. Due to its success, similar events began to emerge in other cities among others under the name Nuit Blanche in Paris and museums-n8 in Amsterdam. Currently, more than 140 cities are organizing this event, including Poznań. During that night, the organizers have prepared unique attractions such as sightseeing usually inaccessible facilities, concerts, workshops, workshops and attractions for children, etc. for more and more visitors.

   Every year, more and more institutions take part in Poznań’s edition of the Museum Night and all organizations are outdoing in the attractions for visitors. Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie”, as every year, presented itself during the Night of Museums organized by the Ethnographic Museum in Poznań on May 18 2019.

   In Wielkopolska, 53 museums have prepared a special offer for this day. Lectures, quizzes for the youngest as well as for whole families, guided tours of the most interesting exhibitions are one of many forms of spending the night that prepared Wielkopolska institutions. The National Museum opened their doors for visitors, among others: Museum of Bambers in Poznań, Museum of Musical Instruments, National Museum, Gallery of Painting and Sculpture, Ethnographic Museum and many, many more.

   Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” during this year’s Night of Museums, again presented at the Ethnographic Museum, with whom it has been collaborating for many years, during the National Confrontation of the Dudziarski Bands, Poznań’s festival of lovers these unusual instruments. The Poznań artists presented dance and music folklore of the old villages of the city of Poznań in front of large audience. This old folk party held in Zapustyny ​​on Tuesday was organised by girls who did not marry during the passing carnival. On the day of the girl’s fun, the bachelors met in the tavern, and during the dances, the virgins made monetary sacrifices to “podkoziołek”- a figurine standing in front of musicians. Both costumes in which “Wielkopolanie” dancers performed, as well as a boy figurine – “podkoziołek” created thanks to cooperation with Ethnographic Museum in Poznan.

Despite meeting the folklore, visitors  who came to the Ethnographic Museum had the opportunity to see the exhibition of the fifty oldest (made in 1890 -1939) archival photographs from the collections of the Ethnographic Museum in Poznań, coming from different regions of Poland, presented for the first time in color version. Visitors could watch the Poznań village outfit one of two folk costumes used in Poznań at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. On the contrary to Bambers costume, Poznań costumes had Polish roots and its wearing was considered to be manifestation of patriotism and was a requirement for many servants working in Poznań homes. Therefore, that costumes performed local functions, similar to – commonly known as a symbol Polishness – Krakow’s costume.

   The Museum Night in Poznan attracted thousands of city residents again. The event, which has more and more rich offer gives you the opportunity not only to visit exhibitions for free during one night but  is also an opportunity to get to know the activities of many institutions from inside.

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