07 / 05 / 15


THE GEAT UAM PICNICThe Geat UAM Picnic started in the Botanic Garden where between 1st and 3rd May for a lot of participants were held many fields events as e.g. a “Lascaux caves treasures” exibition, musicians` performances, seating poetic and for some atractions for children- board games and horse riding. THE GEAT UAM PICNIC

The other atraction was a Sport Day which was held 6th may on the sporting facilities UAM. This important sport day was initated by UAM rector prof. assoc. Bronislaw Marciniak who wished to all of the participants fair fight and a good rivarly. After the inauguration the performance of “Wielkopolanie” Folkloristic Group began. Our group presented its show not only for University Authorities but also for four thousand students. “Wielkopolanie” presented the regions` dances and the national dance-“krakowiak”.  
During all day the students took part in lots of sport disciplines such as spring run, aerobic marathon, judo, bascetball, swimming, football and many more. These sport competiotion were held not only in Poznań. In parallel students had their gameplays in Gniezno, Slubice and Kalisz. THE GEAT UAM PICNIC

During the Great UAM Picnic till 23rd May there will have been taking place many cultural events. The Great Students` Picnic seems to be very interesting too. It will be held on the AZS Stadion at the Pulawski st. During this party it is going to be a great picnic atmosphere.


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