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The first performance was on the ninth day of this month in the “Wilson`s Park” during a “Friend`s day”. The meeting was organized by a Preservation Society of Vilnius and Vilnius ground in Poznań, Foundation for Development of the City of Poznan and Radio Mercury attracted many people to this beautiful green place in our city.  THE FOLKLORISTIC GROUP
The “Friend`s day”, as the organizators said, is a very nice holiday in the year when we can share happiness and gratitude with our friends and thank them for being with us,provide us support and help us. Mr. Ryszard Liminowicz said that this holiday is not popular in our country and it should be changed but in other countries people give their friends small presents and sweets. THE FOLKLORISTIC GROUP

“Wielkopolanie” as the friends of Preservation Society of Vilnius and Vilnius ground presented dances and songs from Wielkopolska, Rzeszow, Bytom and very spectatular dances from Spisz. During the show an audience had an opportunity to sing with Jerzy Garniewicz and Janusz Maruszko songs from Wielkopolska and borderlands from a special song book prepared specially for this day.

On 14th June the dancers form “Wielkopolanie” group presented themselves on the “Family Fest on the estate Victory” in Poznan. This event helds every year and entertain whole families who can meet one another and have fun becouse of a lot of attractions for children and older people. THE FOLKLORISTIC GROUP

The greatest suprise was a ballon flight. THE FOLKLORISTIC GROUP

The group presented national dances and some other dances from whole Poland. On this stage the audience saw small singing artists from the kindergarden and Students participating in educational programs on the Victory Estate apart from “Wielkopolanie”. The star of the evening was Gienek Loska Band.

The organisators invited the group for the next fest in the year.

But this is not the end of the group`s achievements in this month. Wielkopolanie`s music band is recording funs and dances from Wielkopolska region in the recording studio. The dancers are preparing for the Midnight Fair. Now they are co-organizers in the 6th International Folklore Festival “Kids Fun Folk”.

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