22 / 06 / 20

The best in Greater Poland

On June 16, the finale of the social project ‘Folk się’ initiated in January took place. Its originators and creators were a group of eight students from various Poznań high schools, who, in their opinion, should encourage Polish youth to engage in artistic activities combined with disseminating knowledge about our Polish musical, vocal and dance traditions. Several of them are members of the Wielkopolanie Folklore Group, who wanted to show young people how interesting the world of colorful folk costumes and music and dance traditions is.
The project, which was created as part of the educational olympiad and was created on the platform “Exempt from theory” competed with many social projects from all over Poland.
“Wielkopolanie” during numerous educational concerts that they conducted in Greater Poland schools presenting the krakowiak, kujawiak, oberek, mazur and polonaise, their characteristic steps and figures, told about their history and the costumes in which they presented them. Young artists fought for “Wolves” the main awards of the competition.
The competition committee, consisting of experts from all over Poland, has distinguished the achievements of dancers from Greater Poland to second place.
The group members scored a maximum of 6,000 points and thus got the title: brown wolf for the best project in the facility and a silver wolf for the best project in the province.
In addition to educational concerts, Poznań artists have appeared in eighteen media to promote Polish tradition; have reached over 30,000 views on the internet.
We are pleased that young people promote Polish folk and national culture among their peers and at the same time achieve successes on a national scale.

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