17 / 06 / 21

"The Awakening of the Dance"

Open-air concerts, social meetings, exhibitions, vernissages are slowly coming back to feel in the hearts of viewers from all over the world. After a year and a half break related to the COVID19 epidemic, organizers are increasingly deciding to enter their cultural events back into the calendar of life of rural and urban residents. The same happened in Dobczyce, where, after a long break, Polish National Dances resounded to the sounds of which couples from all over Poland competed during the 8th National Polish Dancing Tournament for the “Dobczycka Goat”.

Polish dance tournaments are becoming more and more popular among Polish dance centers as a form of popularizing Polish national dances. Couples taking part in the tournament compete on the dance floor in a form similar to ballroom dancing tournaments. They wear formal clothes, present a ballroom form of dance and are judged by a jury committee. However, the subject of the competition are Polish national dances – krakowiak, oberek, kujawiak or mazurka, and in the younger categories also polka.

As every year, also in this tournament, dancers of the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” have been preparing for the tournament for many weeks, a total of five couples in different age categories.

Kujawiaki, krakowiaki, oberek or Masuria performed by pairs of Wielkopolska charmed the jury, which classified the pairs of ‘Wielkopolanie’ in the following places:

1st place in category IVB – Bartłomiej Spirka and Zofia Kulka

1st place in category IV Open – Bartłomiej Spirka and Zofia Kulka

2nd place in category VI – Szymon Obolewicz and Agata Pospiech

5th place in category VI – Daniel Powroziewicz and Oliwia Lorenz

1/2 finals in category VIB – Aleksander Kamiński and Oliwia Czaińska

1/2 finals in category IVB – Maksymilian Krobski and Zofia Dykier

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