15 / 02 / 10


TEACHERS ON THE DANCE FLOOROver the two February weekends in the gym of 77th Elementary School, the second level training for Wielkopolska teachers organized by Association of Teachers’ Improvement and folk group Wielkopolanie took place. After the first level training, the teachers who had learned art cane of folk had the occasiTEACHERS ON THE DANCE FLOORon to complete their knowledge in field of culture of our region, but not only. On the second level course among Wielkopolanie dances there were also the national dances like krakowiak, kujawiak, mazur, oberek and also folk dances from Silesia region. Dances and amusements of Wielkopolska met the biggest interest of the participants. Mietlorz, szewc, ceglorz and others games from our region gave a lot of joy and were repeated by teachers with big desire. During 24 hours of the course over 30 representatives of Wielkopolska schools and kindergartens worked in the sweat of the brow to learn the basis which as they said can help them to lead their own groups in their schools. The lecturers of the course were Jadwiga Banas and Piotr Kulka, accompanied by Barbara Florek.                                                                     
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