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Folkloristic Group “WIELKOPOLANIE” had participated in Tainan International Arts Festival from 1st to 12th  November 2007. Besides „Wielkopolanie” group organizers invited groups from Mongolia, Indies, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Korea.
Tainan with population over 700 thousands people is a city in south-western part of Taiwan Island. It was established in 1590 by Chinese people and it is the oldest city on the island.

Already at the 1st day  „Wielkopolanie” had an occasion to tour this beautiful city and taste Taiwanese cuisine. Group had started touring from the Old Sugar Refinery when performances of invited groups took place. It was there where they met main organiser of the festival. Next halting place of the tour was An Ping – Buddhism temple and  the An Ping Fort. In the evening group visited Nightmarket rich in Taiwanese delicacies such as shrimps, fried octopus and the most popular – omelette with oysters and spices. One of Nightmarket characteristics is that it is carried on each Saturday and it lasts until midnight.  
TAIWAN - 40th NATION VISITED BY „WIELKOPOLANIE”Official opening of the festival took place on Sunday evening. Group was welcomed by representative of Polish government on Taiwan, Mr. Sławomir Stażewski. Besides all groups, in the ceremony also participated representatives of Tainan’s authorities and artists from Taiwanese schools, universities and theatres. The next day „Wielkopolanie” had presented Polish folklore to Tainan and Madou citizens. Artists from Poznań besides national dances presented to over the dozen thousand audience dances from Wielkopolska, Rzeszów and Przeworsk regions.
TAIWAN - 40th NATION VISITED BY „WIELKOPOLANIE”On the 6th of November „Wielkopolanie” as each day performed for Tainan citizens and for vast audience of Shigang. On the professional stage situated opposite  Temple Plaza dancers presented dances and songs of  Silesian Beskid mountaineers. It was quite important day for the group because in Shigang after one hour-performance they received invitation for another Asian festival which will be held next year.
Next day „Wielkopolanie” presented their dances twice for Tainan citizens. Full buses of Taiwanese people arrived for performances that  took place in the Old Sugar Refinery in which festival city was arranged. Each day audience could have been counted in thousands.
That day dancers had also met pupils  from Sinhua Elementary School. For Poznań citizens children prepared special artistic programme in which two folkloric groups and marching band performed . „Wielkopolanie” had an occasion to taste special  Taiwan delicacies which were prepared especially for them. On the 8th of November artist promoted our country in front of Tainan citizens. Agnieszka Głowacka and Bartosz Marciniak presented history and culture of  Polish country for around thousand people. Such a great interest in unknown country was an outstanding experience for members of „Wielkopolanie” group. Afterwards  Katarzyna Seredyńska and Maciej Sierpiński taught youngest participants of the event Polish national dance – krakowiak. Mixed Polish-Taiwanese pairs coped very well with choreographic specifications. Krakowiak carried out by Taiwan citizens was on really high standard. After presentation „Wielkopolanie” performed twice for Tainan citizens. 4th performance that day took place in Ever New Hospital. Patients could watch artists from Poznań on their birthday. In specially designed scenography which included Polish words and national flag „Wielkopolanie” presented dances from Wielkopolska region and national dances.
TAIWAN - 40th NATION VISITED BY „WIELKOPOLANIE”On the 9th of November besides two performances for Tainan citizens (with audience over 5 thousand people) „Wielkopolanie” had a  possibility to catch a glimpse of Taiwan citizens’ life. In a traditional Taiwanese house dancers were received by Taiwan’s president Interior Affairs Advisor –  Mr. Hwang Kun-hu and his family. They were introduced to typical Taiwanese cuisine and learnt dances native to Taiwan island.  „Wielkopolanie” returned favour by learning hosts dances of Wielkopolska region. Dances such as wiwat, przodek and chodzony sounded through the warm and starry night.
Saturday was a day of very hard work for Polish artists. It started at 6 o’clock in the morning with rehearsal of Festival’s Closing Ceremony. Afterwards there were two shows in Tainan and 3rd one in Shinshih. Concert in that place was preceded by street parade. It was hard to  break through multi thousandth crowd which was interested in performances. As organizers announced, evening show with performances by Polish, Taiwan, Japan and TAIWAN - 40th NATION VISITED BY „WIELKOPOLANIE”

Thailand artists was  viewed by 8 thousand people.
On Sunday, which was the last day of festival, „Wielkopolanie” performed twice in Old Sugar Refinery. During 1st show about 7 thousand people admired dances from Wielkopolska and Silesian Beskid regions and national dances – kujawiak and oberek.  Representatives of nation and city authorities participated in 2007  Nan-Ying International Art Festival closing ceremony concert. Besides „Wielkopolanie” groups from Japan, Philippines, Malaysia,  Thailand and Tainan had also performed. At the end all groups performed excerpts of their dances to interpretation of Taiwanese melody called  „Asian Wind”  performed by musicians from Ten Drum group. It was an extraordinary event applauded by over 15 thousand people. It ended with all groups meeting the audience which serve as an occasion to take pictures with artists and express gratitude.  „Wielkopolanie” couldn’t escape crowd. Thousands of pictures,  and gratitudes was an evidence that Polish group appealed to islanders. In the moment of group’s departure from Taiwan their guide expressed his feelings with very meaningful words: “It is said in Asia that European people are rather cold and unapproachable but You proved that it is untrue!!”

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