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The theme of this year’s St. Andrew’s Party organized by Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” were “SUPERHEROES – ST. ANDREW’S NIGHT 2013Superheroes” characters from fairy tales, films which each of us dreamed of as a child.

In the fairy-tale scenery played with friends, and friends of the Wielkopolanie group.

Among the guests appeared to Mario, Zorro, Crimson Pirate, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and many others. During the party, they had to boast of their efficiency and knowledge during prepared by the dancers many competitions. Participants had fun demonstrate the ability to bind Cracow’s headscarves, throwing the special sock to the boxes or even theskill of crocheting.SUPERHEROES – ST. ANDREW’S NIGHT 2013

Alltablescompetedforthe main prizeuntil early morning and thewinnersreceiveda large basketof sweets. In addition to the competitions of fitness “WielkoSUPERHEROES – ST. ANDREW’S NIGHT 2013polanie” also prepared numerous St. Andrew divination. Anyone could find out what awaits him in the near future.

In the competition for the best costume the winners were Mario and Sailor Moon. The choice was not easy, because many people were dressed in uncommon, original and imaginative costumes. “Wielkopolanie” also awarded a special prize for “ Janek and Marusia” and of course “Szarik” from the “Czterech Pancernych” movie.

All guests in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere had fun until early morning.

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