01 / 11 / 22

Another successes of "Kuźnia Tradycji"

Kapela dudziarska na scenie

Traditionally, in mid-September, bagpipers from all the region met at the Wielkopolska Pipers Tournament in Stary Gołębin, Czempiń and Kościan. It was the 52nd edition of this event.

Bands from various parts of Wielkopolska arrived to play traditional music together, including groups from Poznań, Stęszewo, Szamotuły, Bukowiec Górny, Jarocin and Moszczanka. All the participants were greeted by the hosts – the bagpipe band from Kościan and Czempin (Stary Gołębin).

The event began with the traditional playing next to the statue of the piper and violinist in Stary Gołębin. Then the participants marched along the procession to the traditional bagpipe mass. Furthermore, musicians from all over Wielkopolska presented themselves on the market square in Czempiń. As every year, the Tournament could not miss the bagpipe bands competition, which took place in the Kościan Cultural Center. Participants could present themselves in three categories: traditional band, sierszenki intrument or free program.

The winners of the competition included the musicians of the Forge of Tradition of the Wielkopolanie Folk Group, who successfully presented themselves in the category of traditional bands. 1st place went to a band consisting of: Piotr Górecki (Greater Poland bagpipes) and Magdalena Zimowska (tied violin), 2nd place: Fryderyk Jankowski (Greater Poland bagpipes) and Jagoda Pawlak (tied violin), 3rd place: Wojciech Ozóg (Greater Poland bagpipes) and Katarzyna Kruszona (tied violin).

The event ended with the joint music making of all bands. The Piper Tournament was an excellent opportunity to integrate the bagpipers „family” and to preserve the musical traditions of Wielkopolska.


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