07 / 12 / 18


          On November 30, the “Spiral of Time” concert took place in the Artis Hall, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Children’s Folklore Group “Cepelia-Poznań”. 30 years ago on the initiative of the Henryk Maniecki  a children’s group of the current Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” was created, which until today members of children group supply ranks of the Folkcloristic Group Wielkopolanie
          At present, about 80 children from primary and middle schools from Poznań and the surrounding area dance in the Children’s Folklore Group “Cepelia-Poznań”, working in three age groups. Pupils learn to dance, sing and play folk instruments such as ocarins and flutes. The purpose of this band’s activity is to provide children with authentic Polish folklore by cultivating Polish traditions, customs, rituals and customs. Cepeliowcy presents their skills at performances in Poland and abroad, showing the beauty of children’s folklore, including in Maroco, France, India and many other countries of the world.
         In a jubilee concert, young artists presented plays and dances from the Szamotuły region, Kujawy, Warmia, Żywiec, Cieszyn and the national krakowiak.
           According to the theme of the concert, its creators also presented older groups, ie artists from the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” and its group of older dancers. Their program includes: the custom of walking mascaras from the vicinity of Dąbrówka Wielkopolska, Lajkonik Zwierzyniecki and dances and songs from the vicinity of Krzczonów. Together with younger colleagues, they presented their skills in dance etudes entitled “Mirror”, “Na hali” and in musical presentations playing on traditional Wielkopolska instruments: sierszenkach and mazanki.
           All Dancers and Musicians were awarded with thunderous applause and standing ovations.

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