24 / 03 / 21


On March 20, 2021, at the Zamek Culture Center, in an unusual atmosphere, a sound / body / action concert was held with the participation of dancers from the Wielkopolanie Folk Group.

The concert, without the participation of the audience, was devoted to the relationship between sound, image and movement. It was a continuation of the issues raised at the 4th edition of the International Conference of Dalcroze Studies “The listening body in action”, which took place at the Karol Szymanowski in Katowice in 2019. The program includes music and art pieces created especially for movement or inspired by body movement, as well as a discussion. Among the performers, apart from the dancers of “Wielkopolanie”, there were artists from:

Folkloristic group “Marynia”, Bounce group, YATEY Dance Group and art dancers creating “Selma Odon Ensemble”.

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