24 / 06 / 19

Serbia 2019

Serbia is the 62nd world state in which during its almost sixty-year history Poznań artists presented the culture of dance, music and singing of Wielkopolska region. Established on June 5, 2006 after the breakup of the federation of Serbia and Montenegro, it is a place where culture of two worlds intertwines: oriental and European, but also a place with its own rich culture. Its diversity,  splendor and abundance were met by dancers and musicians of the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” participating in the International Belgrade Folk Dance Competition from June 17 to 21, 2019.
The Festival taking place in Belgrade is a real celebration of international dancing, singing that attracts crowds of spectators to all concerts. In addition to representatives of the Wielkopolska region, folklore groups from Serbia, Cyprus, Bulgaria and India presented their culture at concerts. For four days of the festival, the bands presented their native folklore for thousands of spectators during 5 full-length concerts and 2 street parades. The organizers of the festival made sure that the participants of the festival also got acquainted with this different culture and Serbian art. All dancers and band musicians had the opportunity to see and even “touch” the Serbian culture and the art of the past. They visited the monuments of Belgrade, learning about their history, visiting museums, and learning traditional Balkan dances that characterize this 13-year-old country.
The Wielkopolska folklore from the vicinity of Krobi and Domachowa, Dąbrówka Wielkopolska and the dances of other Polish regions, the Serbian audience admired and applauded during concerts held at the Cultural Centers of Belgrade and street parades. The team’s management and representatives of the dancers were also able to present the region of Wielkopolska during a meeting with the President and the authorities of Belgrade, which began the Festival.
The Polish folklore presented by “Wielkopolanie” was very popular among the Serbian public, the words of appreciation for the band were not only from the organizers but also from the audience gathered at all concerts.

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