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At the end of May 2018, the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” went on his 112 artistic journey, this time to Russia. Dancers and musicians of the band at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation represented Polish culture at the International Festival of Folklore, Art and Handicraft “Sadko” in Veliky Novgorod.
Sadko is a fictional fictional character, a merchant, and at the same time an excellent wanderer.
His music appealed to the King of Maritime, who helped him win a bet with the inhabitants of Novograd that a fish with golden feathers lives in Lake Ilmie. For the money won, Sadko took a sea trade trip at the head of thirty ships. On the way back, however, he became a victim thrown overboard for the king of the sea. At the bottom of the sea Sadko found the king’s residence and married one of his daughters. This story has been shown many times by Russian bands on festival stages.
In addition to the Polish team at the Festival, teams from Bulgaria, Georgia, Estonia, Belarus and Russia also participated. It was a real folklore festival. For four days of the festival, the bands presented their native folklore for thousands of spectators during 8 full-length concerts and 2 street parades.
The organizers of the festival: the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Novgorod Provincial Department of culture, the House of Folk Art in Veliky Novgorod made sure that the festival participants also got acquainted with the Russian culture and art. All dancers and band musicians had the opportunity to see and even “touch” the Russian culture and art of past times. Over three hundred artists from around the world had the opportunity to participate in handicraft workshops, visit the exhibition of Russian art and culture, learn Russian dances and play together with the authentic folklore group “Kruowina” from Great Novogrod.
Folklore wielkopolski from the vicinity of Krobi and Domachowa and dances from other regions of Poland, the Russian audience could admire not only in Velikiy Novgorod. During the festival, the bands also presented themselves in Nawołok, a small village where, in addition to the concert, the “Procession of Tradition” took place, in which not only invited bands but also official delegations and representatives of the authorities with the Mayor and Governor of the Great New York led by.
The Polish folklore presented by “Wielkopolanie” was greatly liked by the Russian audience, words of appreciation for the band were not only from the organizers but also from the audience gathered at all concerts.
Russia is the 60th country in the world, which in its history was visited by the folkloristic group “Wielkopolanie”. A country that thanks to Poznań artists got to know the Wielkopolska culture, Wielkopolska’s dress and traditions, but not only. “Wielkopolanie” also showed the dances and customs of the Spiš Land, Eastern Cracovians, as well as national dances.


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