19 / 08 / 18


From August 2-6, this year. at the invitation of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, Marek Woźniak, the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” went on his 114 artistic journey, this time to the International Folklore Festival “CÂNTECELE MUNTILOR” (“Songs of the Mountains”) to the region of Sibiu in Romania. “Wielkopolanie” went as the official delegation of the Wielkopolska Region, headed by Deputy Marshal of the Wielkopolska Province, Mr. Krzysztof Grabowski. Many other officials took part in a delegation as following: the councilman of the Sejmik of the Voivodship, Mr. Mikołaj Grzyb, mayor of Pakosław, Mr. Kazimierz Chudy, Mayor of Stawiszyna, Mrs. Justyna Urbaniak, representatives of the Local Action Group “Wrota Wielkopolski”, manufacturers of the Wielkopolska Culinary Heritage Network, and representatives of regional administration. A visit to Sibiu of the whole delegation was related to the promotion of Wielkopolska culture through costume parades, folklore concerts, workshops and traditions of regional cuisine. The official visit began with a meeting in Bucharest with the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Romania, Mr Marcin Wilczek, who informed guests from Wielkopolska about the opportunities and prospects for the development of Polish-Romanian relations, also in the light of the forthcoming EU Presidency of Romania. Mr Krzysztof Grabowski presented the history of developing contacts with the Sibiu Partner District, indicating priority areas and plans for the near future. The main purpose of the visit in the Sibiu District were substantive meetings with the Chairperson of Sibiu County, Daniela Cîmpean and the Sibiu District authorities and institutional partners, as well as promotion of the region in connection with this year’s agreement on cooperation between Wielkopolska and Sibiu County in Romania. The visit was planned during the international Folklore Festival “CÂNTECELE MUNTILOR”, during which – among others guests from the United States, Japan, Serbia, Romania – Poland was represented by the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie”. “Wielkopolanie” participated, among others in a parade of bands, dance workshops, gala concert on the main stage (where they conquered the hearts of the Romanian audience performing the Romanian song “Hora du Munte” for the finale) and during the so-called WIELKOPOLSKA EVENING, which officially ended the ongoing festival. During the EVENING – the promotion of our region was connected not only with the performance of “Wielkopolanie”, but also with the promotion of Wielkopolska culture and rituals, Wielkopolska cuisine based on regional products and a multimedia presentation about our region. Evening was prepared by the Marshal’s Office together with the Local Action Group “Wrota Wielkopolski” and producers associated in the Wielkopolska Network of Culinary Heritage on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its existence. Nearly 200 participants of the Evening included the officials of the Sibiu District, the city of Sibiu,  other cities and regions of our partner District; festival authorities, members of the Romanian Parliament, local producers and representatives of the social and political life. Among foreign guests there were groups from USA,  Japan, Romania and other festival guests participating  the event. For all participants of the evening “Wielkopolanie”  prepared a show of traditional folk instruments from Wielkopolska, for example: mazanki, sierszenki, bagpipes, wedding goat, which not only could be listened to, but also played with the characteristic sounds of Wielkopolska heritage. Gathered guests had opportunity to learn traditional dances and games from our beloved region: Chusteczkowy, Ceglorz, Szmyt, Brzuchaty and  many others others. The cordiality and hospitality of the hosts from Sibiu, as well as the Chairwoman of the Sibiu District, Mrs. Daniela Cîmpean, who, despite numerous responsibilities, found time to personally accompany the Wielkopolska delegation in many points of the program.  As for recall: Wielkopolskie Voivodeship and Sibiu County in Romania are partner regions from May 22, 2018. AM

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