22 / 11 / 22

Polish national dances for children and youth!

para tańcząca mazura przed widzami

In November, the dancers of the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” went on a tour of educational concerts for schools, kindergartens and cultural centers in the whole region of Wielkopolska. From 7th to 21st of November, the dancers of “Wielkopolanie” presented the culture of polish national dances. During the tour, they visited 24 educational and cultural centers of Leszno and the district of the city of Rawicz, showing our national culture. Over a 1,000 listeners, children and youth, had the opportunity to see the diversity of polish national folklore in costume, dance and music characteristic of each individual of the polish national dances. During the concerts conducted by Piotr Kulka, the manager of the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”, the listeners also had a chance to learn the basic steps of krakowiak and polonez, and then perform together with the dancers of “Wielkopolanie”.

All educational concerts organized by “Wielkopolanie” are intended to bring polish national culture closer to children, to let them learn about its richness and diversity, old folk traditions and customs, and above all, to develop a sense of individuality, national pride and patriotism in children.

Next year, in the same culture centers of Leszno and Rawicz district, another educational tour will take place, but this time the topic will be dance and music folklore of the region of Wielkopolska.



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