17 / 09 / 08


ONE HUNDRED YEARS - GREETINGS FORThree months ago, dancers participated at Katarzyna and Grzegorz wedding. On the 15th of September folklore group “Wielkopolanie” hosted in the Church of Our Lady Parish in Poznań again. They showed their repertoire but this time in a ceremony on the occasion of the feast of the patron of falling. Celebrations took all day. Already at 10 o’clock the Holy Mass has made for the intentions of young children and a happy solution for mothers in the state of blessed. At 3 p.m. Fr. Marcin Janecki celebrated mass for the intention of sick and elderly people.  After Mass in the chapel of the church, the sweet meal had been prepared for them. About 300 people was looking at “Wielkopolanie” show. ONE HUNDRED YEARS - GREETINGS FOR
 Group presented couples of song and dances from all regions of Poland. Everyone was having fun that night. Main solemn Mass was celebrated by the indulgences of Father Henry Nowak (Archdiocese of Poznań) at 6 p.m.. After the ceremony on specially prepared stage for this event, “Wielkopolanie” once more time showed their abilities with “Poznań’s Formal Orchestra”. Hot tea and sweet specialties from Łazarz (yeast dough stuffed with cheese, raisins, sugar and nuts) were available for everyone. The weather wasn’t nice, but everyone really enjoyed the time.

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