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ONE HUNDRED PAIRS BALLAs every year Wielkopolanie decided to spend one of the carnival’s Saturdays partying together with their families and friends. Despite coming back on 3rd of January from another tournee during which they presented polish culture in Malta, they decided it is the first Saturday of carnival to spend nicONE HUNDRED PAIRS BALLely with former dancers and friends of the group. Just after 8 pm at the stage sounded the music of noble Polonez dance and dancers of the group wearing traditional clothes from ninetieth century presented this most beautiful polish dance for gathered guests. This dance in choreography of Leszek Rembowski was joined with Mazur and delighted guests which have soon the chance to try to dance Polonaise, Polka and Waltz. Wielkopolanie also presented themselves in specially prepared artistic program. Having great time friends of the gONE HUNDRED PAIRS BALLroup and invited guests could watch not only the Gypsy and Ukrainian dances but also two diploma works of group dancers, graduates of Qualification Instructor Course. Hanna Jaworska presented first “NocneIgraszki” and next Jan Galasiński presented his work “Oblej”. Guests could also see the exhibition of the photographs from last year tours of the group which Wielkopolanie had in Montenegro, Kosovo and Malta.
This years ball was not only the feast of the group but also the special day for two couples present on the ball. Helena and Włodzimierz Ławiccy and Katarzyna and Stanisław Marciniak had 25th anniversaries on the day. Wielkopolanie sang the occasional songs and gave them some small gifts ONE HUNDRED PAIRS BALLcommemorated the jubilee.
Dancers and the management of the group could not forget about the small Ada Wnuk, girl suffering the terminal disease SMA1. There was the collection of the money for treating of Ada during the party.
The Carnival Ball of the Wielkopolanie Folk Group lasted till early morning and on Monday dancers will continue their performances of historical dances in schools and nursery schools in Wielkopolska. And on 14th of January Wielkopolanie invites for the inauguration of the concerts dedicated to Frederic Chopin in Cultural Centre Zamek in Poznań.

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