16 / 06 / 22

On a wedding carpet

On May 28, Karina Gąsiorowska and Paweł Zawadzki – organizational manager of Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” got married. The Bride and Groom took their marriage vows in front of the altar of the St. Florian church in Żnin. During the wedding ceremony, they were accompanied by friends and dancers from “Wielkopolanie”, who added splendor to the ceremony by wearing costumes from various regions of the region of Greater Poland, as well as costumes from Lachy Sądeckie – referring to the family roots of the Bride. The wedding ceremony was preceded by a solemn blessing in the bride’s family home, during which two maids (female dancers from Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”) led the fiancé to the doorstep, to the accompaniment of songs performed by a traditional band from Stary Sącz (Lachy Sądeckie). The bride was led out of the house by two bachelors, and then, as announced by the groomsmen, the Bride and Groom greeted and entered the house, where they were blessed by their parents. The joyful wedding procession set off to the church, where the dancers of “Wielkopolanie” led the couple to the altar. During the ceremony, among other instruments, all participants could hear the sound of a wedding goat, played by Jakub Sławiński, who led the newlyweds to the door of the temple. There, the melodies and chants of Greater Poland resounded, played and sung by the bagpipers bands from Stęszew, Połajewo and Jarocin, as well as the dancers of Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”

               Another great event taking place during the wedding day, was the capping ceremony, prepared by the manager of Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” – Piotr Kulka. It was an adaptation of the historical ceremony, wonderfully woven into the current tradition. The newlywed couple, together with dancers in costumes from Greater Poland, presented several regional dances and numerous songs. During the dance, a traditional veil and a bow tie were thrown, preceded by the dances of the Bride with married women and the Groom with married men. The games were accompanied by Greater Poland bagpipes and a wedding goat sounds. This event showed the beauty and freedom of folklore, as well as the possibility of returning historical traditions.

               The Bride and Groom are actively working for polish folklore. They take part in folk instrument construction projects, dance workshops and music festivals. For several years, Karina Gąsiorowska has been practicing the violin in a goat band operating at Kuźnia Tradycji. Her teacher is … Paweł Zawadzki. And now he is also her beloved husband.


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