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Noble Pack has been thirteen years. Works within the association SPRING, whose president is Fr. Jacek Stryczka, the founder and the originator.NOBLE PACK 2013

NoblePackworks almostthroughout the country. Its purpose is completing packages during the Christmas holiday season, the articles needed for a particular family in order to meet its current needs. All needy families are reported to the project by the family supportcenters, schools andparishes. These are mostly families with many children, the poor, lonely or disabled. This year, the Noble Pack  joined Folk Group  “Wielkopolanie” . Management , dancers and friends of the group have prepared 19 cartons of gifts for family from Wielkopolska.

Among them were the food, cleaNOBLE PACK 2013ning products, school supplies, books, clothing, household appliances, etc.NOBLE PACK 2013

“Wielkopolanie” met all expectations needy families who received gifts prepared in the first weekend of December. How to give the organizers this year in Poland shares the Noble Pack 617 thousand united. people, or donors, volunteers and recipients, two times more than in 2012. Help with a value of 33 million reached 17.7 thousand. families and single people.

Noble Pack is not just a nationwide campaign of Christmas material assistance, it also shares connecting families in need, donors and volunteers.

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