13 / 03 / 19


Dancers of the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” Agata Pospiech and Szymon Obolewicz, on March 2019 took part in the 4th Polish Competition of Compositions of Polish Dance “NARODOWA PULSACJA” Józefów.

In the dance staging category, 16 presentations competed, including Wielkopolska dancers who showed their artistry in the presentation of ‘Coexistence’. It is worth noting that in addition to their own choreography, based on kujawiak and contemporary dance, to the music they chose, they also took care of the costumes they sewed themselves. Their presentation was very well received, for which they received the Organizer’s Award.

The idea of ​​the “National Pulsation” event is to present Polish national dances: polonaise, mazurka, krakowiak, kujawiak and oberek in a new, contemporary version. These compositions refer to tradition, but are not limited to its simple reproduction. They are a new form of dance that combines tradition with the needs and requirements of the young generation. Polish heritage comes alive in creative interpretations of choreographers and dancers, filtered through their sensitivity and modern experience.

The competition took place in two formulas based on selected national dances: dance etudes and dance staging. A dance etude is a choreographic proposal for 1 pair based on uniformity of technique and form. A dance staging is, in turn, an artistic presentation of a chosen theme, having dramaturgy, with the possibility of combining national Polish dances with other dance techniques, as well as costumes, props and other stage effects.

The tournament was judged by five judges from various artistic spheres: from the movement of Polish dances, but also from cinema, acting and contemporary dance.


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