08 / 09 / 23

On the Folk Side, for Children

On September 2nd, the National Museum of Agriculture in Szreniawa invited children to a sunny festival titled “On the Folk Side, for Children.” As a way to wrap up the summer vacation, the institution of the Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship prepared a day of folk games, theatrical performances, demonstrations of interesting skills, and concerts by various groups, including the Folklore Ensemble “Wielkopolanie.” For the youngest attendees, artists from the Wielkopolskie Public Library and the Center for Culture Animation in Poznań presented dances and songs from different regions of Poland, including the national dance, krakowiak.

In addition to the stage attractions, the organizers provided numerous games and activities. The youngest participants had the opportunity to craft toys from straw and wood, make wreaths, and engage in traditional folk games like “Szewc,” “Jaworowi ludzie,” “Ojciec Wirgiliusz,” and others. They could also enter a peasant farmyard and play with folk toys, and for relaxation, they could ride on a carousel or a traditional train.

During many of their concerts, the “Wielkopolanie” not only presented artistic programs but also invited children to join in the fun, showcasing Wielkopolska traditions and the beauty of native culture. They demonstrated how in the days before smartphones, one could enjoy and actively spend leisure time. Play has been a companion to children from their earliest years, providing them with a sense of security and satisfaction. Thanks to the efforts of the “Wielkopolanie” and their presentation of Wielkopolska games and activities, these traditions are passed down from generation to generation, allowing for enjoyable leisure time.


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