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MICKIEWICZ UNIVERSITY'S NEW SPORTS HALLThe new facility, linked with earlier built university swimming pool, wMICKIEWICZ UNIVERSITY'S NEW SPORTS HALLas built in Morasko Student village. It comprises also the sport field, gym, aerobics hall, interbicycle hall and wellness facility. Next to the complex two tennis fields were built. In the building there will be also Phisical Education Study and University sport association offices. After the koncert of Wielkopolanie the opening ceremony was conducted by Professor Bronisław Marciniak, the rector of the University. Among coming guests there were the deputies of Polish Parliment, representatives of local and city of Poznań authorities, rector of Rother universities and the authorities of AM University.MICKIEWICZ UNIVERSITY'S NEW SPORTS HALL
The object is impressive – all guests said agreeably during the ceremony. The main part of the facility constitutes the sportMICKIEWICZ UNIVERSITY'S NEW SPORTS HALL field of 1,5 thousand of square meters with the fixed audience for 700 people and the possibility of enlargement the number of seats by additional 300.
After the few hours the historical, first sport event on the new facility took place. The AM University rectors supported by the rectors of University of Economics faced the representation of the authorities of Poznan. The hosts were not very hospitable and won 2:0 the opponents Hades by the president Ryszard Grobelny. Also the memorial of Tomasz Zajączkowski – the tournament of male volleyball  was played by this occasion.
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