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Magical Christmas Time

Magical Christmas TimeAs every year, the great family of The Folkloristic Group Wielkopolanie gathered up by the Christmas table in order to celebrate, express wishes, share wafer and sing beautiful Polish carols and pastorals. The annual meeting was organized on the December 16th.  As always, it was filled with family and warm atmosphere with stirring music in the background. The evening started with a joint singing of former and present dancers, directors and group’s friends. Magical Christmas TimeBy the table packed with delicious meals, everyone could talk and enjoy each other’s company. Magical Christmas TimeThere was also time for summary of the past year which teemed with unique travels, performances and educative concerts. Hence, through the year they dancers had a lot of time to befriend and integrate themselves. Nevertheless, the most important fact is that thanks to their systematic work, they greatly contribute to the preserving of Polish folk culture and cultivating traditions, especially those from Wielkopolska region.
Magical Christmas TimeMagical Christmas TimeWielkopolanie met also just before the New Year’s Eve. It was both a traditional and a modern meeting. Traditional carolling was followed by fancy amusements prepared by the group’s directors. The guests could record a song for an amateur music disc, take part in an interview or take a photo with a variety of props.

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