26 / 06 / 18


On 19th June 2018, a group of older members of Folkloristic group„Wielkopolanie” went to their first artistic trip to Macedonia. Invited by the Prsident of Ohrid City, our dancers and musitians participated in the 7th Older People FolkFestival „ Trpe Cherepovski”.

The city is located in southwestern part of this country, which became a real “capital of folklore” for seven days. Our members shared the stage with amazing artists from Portugal, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Moldawia, Croakia, Poland and Macedonia.„Wielkopolanie” during their six performances showed dances and songs from their region, from Lublin and national ones. Biggest audience’s attention gathered dances from Dąbrowa, during which dancers and musitians presented a tradition of “Mięsopusty”- going from house to house, wearing costumes of goats, old men, old women, gandarmes, gypsy and even the chimney-sweep who was beloved by Macedonian children who were fledding before him in case not to be stained on their face by him. Many people living in Ohrid and also Polish tourists had the opportunity to admire the beauty of our folklore during performances and parades. In accompany of instruments, all festival participants presented their artistic skills  doing a few kilometers along the Ohrid Lake and the historic streets of the city center.

The festival organizers also provided various festival attractions to all festival participants. The artists had the opportunity to see, among others Orthodox church of Saint John the Theologian, Saint. Zofia, the ancient theater in Ohrid, the fortifications of Samuel, and the wonderful island of St. Naumai.

Macedonia is the 61st country in the world, which during their long history has been visited by dancers and musicians of the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie”. When a group of older dancers conquered the hearts of Macedonians, the core group prepared their artistic program, which will soon be presented to the Romanian audience during the “Mountain Holiday” in Sibiu.

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