04 / 07 / 11


ŁAZARZ DAYS 2011„Majówka z Wielkopolanami” is an annual meeting organized by the group during „ŁazaŁAZARZ DAYS 2011rz Days”.

As every year the group prepares for this occasion a special two-hour art program in order to be able to enjoy a numerous spectators.
Program prepared by the group was unique because of the extraordinary opportunity which was the celebration of 100th anniversary of the Poznań Palm House.
In addition to this year’s artistic program despite dances from area of Wielkopolska there were also dances from: Spisz, Łowicz, Lubelskie area, Rzeszów, Kraków. On the scene the spectator could have enjoyed also the national dances such as Kujawiak, Oberek and NaŁAZARZ DAYS 2011tional Krakowiak with the Lajkonik. These danŁAZARZ DAYS 2011ces were adopted by the audience with great enthusiasm, which applauded 50 artists for almost 2 hours.

Currently, „Wielkopolanie” is preparing for 12 concerts, which will be performated at the International Folklore Festival in Voru, Estonia. On the tour „Wielkopolanie” will leave on 11th of July.
                                                                 JG tł. WF

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