16 / 01 / 23

Lachy Sądeckie in Nietążkowo!

uczestnicy zgrupowania pozujący do wspólnego zdjęcia

The beginning of the year for the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” is the time of planning and preparation for the upcoming concerts, cultural events and promotional activities for folklore, as well as the best time to introduce changes and new ideas. Therefore, as every year, “Wielkopolanie” met at a three-day training camp in Nietążkowo, 50 km from Poznań. With the help of qualified instructors, the dancers of „Wielkopolanie” trained for as much as 15 hours throughout the weekend, improving their dance skills regarding to Polish national and regional dances as well as dance technique in general.

However, the main goal of this year’s meeting was to expand the repertoire of the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” with a new point of its artistic program. The artistic director of the Regional Group “Mystkowianie” was invited to participate in the workshop: Mr. Patryk Rutkowski – an outstanding ethnologist, researcher of folk culture, an expert on folklore of the Polish Section of CIOFF and a specialist in the field of folklore from the Lachy Sądeckie region, as well as two great musicians from the land of Lachy Sądeckie: Damian Cwynar and Łukasz Kowalik. Despite previous encounters with the folklore of the region, the trainings were a real challenge for the dancers of “Wielkopolanie”. However, under the supervision of Mr. Patryk, the group managed to achieve the set goal together. The result of the hard work of instructors, dancers and musicians has become a new point of the program by Mr. Patryk Rutkowski – dances and songs of Lachy Sądeckie, which the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” will present at concerts this year.

Although the training schedule was quite tight, there was plenty of time to integrate the group. Traditionally, the Council of the Folk Group „Wielkopolanie” prepared an integration game for the participants of the training camp, which was supervised by Małgorzata Macuga. For solving many tasks and puzzles, dancers divided into groups had the opportunity to win various prizes. Each day of the day ended with games, dancing, singing and photos.

After such an intense weekend, the dancers may be tired, but the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” continues to work during rehearsals during the week. We invite you to watch the effects at the upcoming concerts!


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