29 / 06 / 16


Children’s folklore reigned on 21-26 June 2016 in Poznan, the District of Poznań and the Greaterpoland Region. All thanks to the VII International Children’s Folk Festival “KIDS FUN FOLK POZNAN 2016”.

For the seventh time the asociation of Folk Culture Friends “Live up to folk” organized the International Children’s Folk Festival “KIDS FUN FOLK”. About 250 young artists from around the world participated in this year’s edition of the festival of dance and music. Poznań welcomed folk groups from India, Latvia and Romania. What’s more for the first time it was possible to see almost  all children’s folk groups from Poznań on one stage – those were Folk Group “Poligrodzianie”, Song and Dance Ensemble “Łaniki” and co-organizer of the festival – Children’s Folk Group “Cepelia-Poznań”, which is particularly close to Wielkopolanie.

The festival was held under the patronage of  Marshal of Greaterpoland Voivodeship – Marek Wozniak , President of Poznań – Jacek Jackowiak and Governor of District of Poznań – Jan Grabkowski.

Participants of the festival presented themselves on stages in the Wilson’s Park (Poznań) and in Pobiedziska and primary schools in Kleszczewo, Tulce, Łubowo, Paczkowo and Pobiedziska. For the second time festival town was build on Lake Malta grounds. On Saturday afternoon, the inhabitants of Poznan could admire an exhibition of costumes, take part in folk handicraft workshops, purchase hand-made items and  experience games and dances from different parts of the world not only by watching  but also actively participating in them.  On festival’s stage presentation of awards in the Third Regional Art Competition “Child in the folklore of the world” took palce and exhibition of the winning and commended works was held.

For all the festival events many admirers of folklore showed up, especially families with children who had the opportunity tpo spend their free time in nice atmosphere.

Dancers from Folk Group Wielkopolanie, as in previous  years, were actively engaged in the organization of the festival.  Some of them were pilots and translators for foreign groups, others formed a technical team throughout the week or as volunteers helped to handle all festival events.  All the hard work and commitment invested in the festival meets with acknowledgement and appreciation from the organizers.

VII International Children’s Folk Festival “KIDS FUN FOLK ” is behind us. We are eagerly looking forward to the next edition of the festival in a year from now!

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