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KAZIUKI AND EDUCATIONAL FAIROn March 6th at 11 a.m „Wielkopolanie“ presented themselves on Educational Fair in Poznan.

The program presented by the Adam Mickiewicz’s University were dances and chants of Spisz. The Folk Group took place in Adam Mickiewicz’s University promoting program, which this cooperation agreement was signed in early October between Univeristy and the Provincial Public Library and Culture Animation Center. The Agreement was signed by the president of University prof. dr. hab. Bronisław Marciniak and Director mgr Helena Bednarska is intended to cooperation between Folk Group „Wiekopolanie“ and the University in case of training, promotion and development of these institutions. At this year’s main stage “Wielkopolanie” promoted the Adam Mickiewicz’s University, together with representativesKAZIUKI AND EDUCATIONAL FAIR of various departments of the University.

Immediately after the performance at the Fair, at 2 p.m. the Group showed themselves on Kaziuki Festival. The celebration ceremony in honor of St. Kazimierz, patron of Poland and Lithuania, took place in the Old Market in Poznan. After the Royal Jagiellonian procession, on the scene „Wielkopolanie“ presented dances and chants from Rzeszow, Lowicz and Spisz. KAZIUKI AND EDUCATIONAL FAIR

Crowds of Kaziuki’s visitors had the opportunity to enjoy, as every year, black break, obwarzanki and Vilnius Palms. During the Festival the field kitchens were serving zeppelins and borderland food, which were especially prepared by local restaurants.

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