05 / 03 / 19


On the first Sunday of March, Poznan celebrated the 26th edition of Kaziuk Wileński, a fair, which has been held in Vilnius for four hundred years. Celebrations in honor of Saint Casimir the Prince were organized by the Poznań Branch of Vilnius and Vilnius Land Society, which at the same time celebrated 30 years of operation.

The genesis of this holiday dates back to 1602, when Pope Clement VIII proclaimed the Prince Kazimierz Jagiellończyk a saint. The beginning of the fair itself, however, is associated with the solemn transfer of the saint’s relic to the Vilnius cathedral in 1636. Since then, it has been celebrated annually.

Currently, the festival is a three-day fair, which takes place in various places around the city and is packed with artistic performances. Kaziuki is celebrated not only in Vilnius, but also in other cities in Lithuania, as well as, for example, in Grodno, Belarus. Currently, fairs are also organized in many Polish cities, for instance in Poznań, Września, Szczecin or Białystok.

This year celebrations started with a Holy Mass. Soon afterwards the gathered could listen to Vilnius and Poznan’s buggle-calls and observe famous butting goats at the top of the City Hall. Then, the Jagiellonian procession took over the stage.

Among the artists there were: the femal vocal group ‘Mejszagolanki’, Folkloristic Band ‘Cepelia-Poznań’, Piotr Kuźniak, Poznań Wind City Orchestra at MPK Poznań, together with Folkloristic Group ‘Wielkopolanie’.

 The dancers and musicians of “Wielkopolanie performed the folklore for their region, followed by dances and songs from Spisz and Krakowiak.

During the concert, Wielkopolanie received a medal from Ryszard Liminowicz, President of Poznań Branch of Vilnius and Vilnius Land Society for multiannual cooperation with the Society.

The fair has permanently inscribed in the landscape of the city of Poznań and attracts crowds of residents and guests each year. At the Kaziuki fair you can buy Vilnius specialties such as cepeliny or breads of Vilnius, beautiful palm trees and other handicrafts.

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