20 / 11 / 19

"Kapele Serc 2019"

On November 17, 2019, the dancers and musicians of the Wielkopolanie Folklore Group for the fifth time in their history became involved in the nationwide “Kapele Serc” campaign, which was initiated by the Polish Section of CIOFF in 2009.
Since then, an increasing number of folk groups from all over Poland have been organizing charity concerts for people in need of various help. The Poznań “Kapele serc” was organized by the “Open to Folklore” Association, the “Wielkopolanie” Folklore Group of the Provincial Public Library and Culture Animation Center, and the “Cepelia-Poznań” Youth Folklore Group of the Youth Culture Center No. 3. This year at Poznań General Music School named after: M. Karłowicz almost 200 artists from both groups, as well as the “Erato” Musical School presented themselves in the concert titled: “Not only in Poznań …”. Concert, from which the total income was transferred to the Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights.
In a specially prepared program, Poznań artists presented dances and songs of the city of Poznań, showing the life and traditions of the former inhabitants of the village and the current districts of this extraordinary city. Numerous viewers could also watch Polish national dances: polonaise, mazur, kujawiak, oberek and krakowiak, as well as regional dances from the area of ​​Łowicz, Orava, Żywiec, Opoczno and many more
During the concert there were also lotteries and pastries, which also financially contributed to the Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights.
Total concert income was PLN 10 165.58
 “Hey Band of Hearts encourages us all, to help everyone and great friendship” – with these words songs Poznań artists finished the fifth edition of the Band of Hearts concert.

See you next year, voices of the outgoing audience !!!


Photos: RZ Studio


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