02 / 02 / 21

International Carolers Meetings

From 23-24 January, students and teachers of the Forge of Tradition participated in the International Meetings of Carolers in Połajewo. Over the years, this event has made it possible to popularize and revive the traditions of bagpipe caroling not only in the Połajewo commune, but also in many cities of Greater Poland. Since Saturday, the artists have been singing carolls in parish churches in Połajewo, Krosin, Tarnówek and Boruszyn, adding splendor to the masses by playing bagpipes. The meetings ended with an on-line concert due to the epidemiological situation in Poland. This year’s meetings gathered a crowd of excellent bagpipe bands from Poland, and among the performers there were, of course, members of Forge of Tradition, who were singing Christmas carols together with other bands. Thanks to the January meetings in Połajewo, the tradition of caroling continues, and over the past twenty years, its incredible development can be noticed – which fills us with optimism. Caroling is not only about stage presentations, but also an exchange of experiences, comments and ideas related to the continuation of the tradition, which, thanks to such events as the International Meetings of Carolers, will certainly not disappear.

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