06 / 09 / 18


As every year, so in this, Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” took part in this year’s harvest festivities. On August 25, he participated in the Commune Harvest Festival in Skoki, on August 26 in the Commune and District Harvest Festival in Międzychód, and on September 2 in 40 Michałów Fair, Commune Harvest in Mieścisko.

Folk festivals combined with thanksgiving rites for the completion of harvest and field works were preceded by colorful processions in which harvest wreaths were led at the head. The harvest wreaths usually had the shape of a large crown or circle, they embodied all harvested crops and harvest. Behind them the hosts of the hosts, harvest foremans and invited guests followed. Wreaths were carried to sacrifice to churches in which solemn masses were held. In the climate of harvest ceremonies he introduced a large group of harvest festival participants to the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie”.

“We yield the crop, yield …” dancers dressed in traditional Wielkopolska costumes from the vicinity of: Krobi and Domochowa and Szamotuły or residents of the former villages of the city of Poznań. More than forty performers brought to the large audience the Wielkopolska traditions and summer and autumn customs. On the stage along with the “Wielkopolanie” also had the opportunity to dance to all starostas, who then according to tradition passed this year’s loaf of bread to mayors, village heads or starostas. It was they who went to the gathered people, revelers, sharing the bread they received (this custom was introduced in the 80’s).

After solemn ceremonies, the Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” presented itself during an hour-long concert presenting dances and songs from different regions of Poland. In addition to the native Wielkopolska folklore, “Wielkopolanie”, they showed dances and songs of Rozbarski-Bytom, Rzeszów, Przeworsk, Spisz and Kujawiak with Oberek. The color of the colors on the stage, the dynamics and spontaneity of the dancers was applauded by the large audience.

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