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GROUPING OF WIELKOPOLANIE IN ŚMIGIELFolk GROUPING OF WIELKOPOLANIE IN ŚMIGIELgroup “Wielkopolanie” went to Śmigiel on 6 and 7 March 2015 to improve their dance and vocal skills. Due to lack of time they practiced from early morning until late night. 

Everyone had to try hard to meet the needs of the demanding instructors. In addition to the artistic program, there were also some other activities, the details for now, must remain a mystery.GROUPING OF WIELKOPOLANIE IN ŚMIGIEL 

OnGROUPING OF WIELKOPOLANIE IN ŚMIGIEL Saturday evening there was a party in the style of the Polish People`s Republic. Dancers were perfectly disguised and took part in a specially prepared competitions in which they had to show off not only the efficiency, cunning and skill, but also knowledge about history of Poland.


It was a great opportunity to learn new skills, especially for the newbies. We hope that the results of the work will be released during upcoming folk shows.

                                                                                                                                 HJ tł. WO

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