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Unfortunately, Christmas time is not significantly different from the casual day for everyone. When there is no money for the basic items necessary to make a living, there is no way to feel the magic of this extraordinary period.

Considering that in Poland there are many families who, for various reasons, are having very difficult material situation, especially during the holiday season, we want to help them.



Because of that reason, for the second time, Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” prepared Noble Pack for one of the family living in the city of Poznań.

As one can read on the website of the Spring Association, who is organizing the national campaign: “NOBLE PACK is a project that helps the families in such a way that they began to deal themselves in regular life. For 14 years it is uniting the Polish people around the idea of helping in a wise way.

GENEROUS GIFT FROM “WIELKOPOLANIE”Donors prepare dedicated help for families in need, and the “Super W”, so-called volunteers of Noble Pack project, are bridges between them. Warm coat, refrigerator or winter boots for children are of great value for the recipients. However, this is not the most important thing in the Noble Pack project. The greatest gift for forgotten ones is the consciousness: Someone remembers me, someone believes in me.” That is why we say that the impulse from the Package is for those who are facing difficulties. It is meant to be a help for the further struggle in improving their lives, because sometimes it is the attention and faith from the other person we lack”.


It seems that the phenomenon of the Noble Pack lies in the excellent organization of the project. Preparing for the final, where they are providing to the needy families packages, lasts all year. Volunteers are trained, partners obtained, and all the action is advertised more and more every year. Taking part in the Noble Parcel refer irresistible and appropriate impression that we are helping people who really need our help, and where it is not much need to feel appreciated and experience the wonderful holidays.


GENEROUS GIFT FROM “WIELKOPOLANIE”This year the preparation of “Wielkopolska” to the Noble Parcel was all the more special, it was known from the beginning that we selected family does not want to remain anonymous. Therefore, great excitement accompanied us during these few weeks of preparation. The team arrives at the office food, cleaning and building materials. On Thursday, December 11, all these things have been sorted and festively packaged in 19 cartons. GENEROUS GIFT FROM “WIELKOPOLANIE”


However, the biggest excitement waiting for the manager of the team and a few dancers who personally handed prepared by Wielkopolska” package. It is impossible to describe the emotions that accompanied a time when there was a meeting with obdarowywanymi. Joy, while the tears in their eyes proved how beautiful and important action is the Noble Pack, in which no doubt Folk “Wielkopolanie” will also come in the next year.

The management team would like to thank all the past and present dancers and band friends who joined in the preparation of the package. Thanks to you three wonderful people survive a beautiful Christmas.

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