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FOOD OF WIELKOPOLSKA IN SLOVAKIABetween 9th and 11th od September 2011 Folkloristic Group WIELKOPOLANIE took part in International Folk Festival in Levice – fabulous town in southern Slovakia laying 25 km from border with Hungary.

During short, but very intensive trip Wielkopolanie presentedto  the Slovakian and hungarian minority living in Levice district. In their repertoire they enclosed dances and songs of Wielkopolska, Śląsk, Łowicz and Rzeszów and two national dances – Kujawiak and OFOOD OF WIELKOPOLSKA IN SLOVAKIAberek. Besides WIelkopolanie in festival there took part ensambles from Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

The first day festive parade of all gorups took place around Old Town in Levice with its gorgeous 18th-century St Michal Church. During parade dancers had opportunity to present a sample of their skills to the audience – view of several gorups dancing simultaneously was really breath-taking. A procession of contestans arrived to the
Levice castle where festival was opened and first performance took place –FOOD OF WIELKOPOLSKA IN SLOVAKIA Wielkopolanie presented silesian dances.

The same evening all groups presented their regional cuisine. There were czech and slovakian dumplings, taditional czech beer, hungarian wines and tokaj or italian lasagne. Wielkopolanie delighted everybody with bread with lard, pickled cucumbers, delicious żurek and potatoes with curd cheese. The party was accompanied by musicians of all groups.
Next day Wielkopolanie had opportunity to sightsee Levice and relax on thermal pools in Želazoviec, where they performed an hour concert. At the end of the performance dancers wished all the best to Mikołaj Sierpiński who celebrated his birthday.FOOD OF WIELKOPOLSKA IN SLOVAKIA

On Sunday Wielkopolanie took part in Holy Mass in church in Kazaroviec and honored it with a song “Black Madonna”. After a festive lunch they performed in Culture Center – applause was extraordinary. In the afternoon Wielkopolanie went back to Poland.

In spite of fatigue, the group performed during “11th International Commodity Science Conference”.

Currently Wielkopolanie prepare for the Presidential Harvest Festival in Spała, where they present specially reconstructed biskupian harvest rite.

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