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More than 13,000 children in Wielkopolska`s  schools and kindergartens participated FOLKLORISTIC GROUPin educational concerts organized by the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”  in November. FOLKLORISTIC GROUP

In 97 educational and cultural institutions, participants had the opportunity to admire the beauty of costumes and Renaissance, Baroque, nineteenth century dances, as well as the native dances from the region of Wielkopolska, Rzeszów and Przeworsk, Bytom and Rozbarska, as well as the Eastern Kraków.

During the first tour “Wielkopolanie” presented gathered the childrenFOLKLORISTIC GROUP and  the young how  people have played at manors and castles in France, Burgundy, England, Italy and Poland. Viewers were able to see, inter alia, Pawan, Galliard, minuet, polonaise, “polka galopka” and many others interesting dances. The second tour concert program included native dances and plotted the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. During the program, listeners had the opportunity to see the diversity of Polish folk in costume, dance, music and instruments specificFOLKLORISTIC GROUP

to each region.

The biggest interest of listeners aroused regional bagpipes where students can not only listen but also touch.

All concerts were met with great appreciation gathered audience. Everyone can enjoy the artistry of Wielkopolska dancers who dance that implement new forms of educational and musical imagination and shape the dance.


The idea of the school educational concerts is intended to contact with culture and art of the young and the youngest audience.

“Wielkopolanie”  have gone on tours to educate children and young people in the midst of the Polish culture, with particular emphasis on folk dance and music. These complement the concert school programs related to the wider culture.

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