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FIRST ARTISTIC SEASON HAD ENDEDAt finish of the season in June “Wielkopolanie” had shown their own skill in Poznań and Sompolno. At 1st folk group had danced to the audience during 10th anniversary of establishing “Selgros”. At this great day group was showing dances and songs from Wielkopolska and Rzeszów, Eastern Cracow and polish national dances. Performance was greatly accepted. Gathered guessts, instead of many attractions, had came to the scene, to saw polish folk dances.
During the performance competition named DANCING WITH STARS took place, in which our dancer, Zuzanna Olejniczak started, teaching polish audience national dances. In Jury was Maciej Sierpiński, dancer of our group, who was so funny judging couples. 
FIRST ARTISTIC SEASON HAD ENDEDAt 7th of June Folk Group came to Sompolno, for show their own at XII Wielkopolski Piknik Sołtysow. Unfortunately, the weather made joke to organizers and whole performance was shown in shower of rain. Greatest award for Group was audniece, which was enjoying the show.
Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” has finished their artistic season. Since January Group was showing their own skill in Poznan, Rogoźno Lubosz, Kłeck, Mieścisk, Wysoka, Zakrzewa, Chełmn, Pniewy, Żelice, Łekno, Brusy, Zbąszyń, Wieliszew, Lwówek, Kiekrz, Siemiatycze, Sompolno and in far away placed Tinisia, traveling about six thousand kilometers. 
FIRST ARTISTIC SEASON HAD ENDEDAt the finishing of season both artistic group: actually and ancient organized evenings. There were lots of dances and songs. Thanksgiving and plans for next season, but there is waiting lot of (as administration said) work.

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