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In the special evening of Epiphany Holiday in the Saint Anthony Church Folk Group „Wielkopolanie” concert of Carols began 2014 year.EPIPHANY WITH WIELKOPOLANIE

During the Christmas and New Years’ time City of Poznan invited residents of the city and province for singsong of Christmas carols.

In the fourth of Poznan Caroling performances were held choirs, folk groups and artistic, which took place in Poznan’s churches.

Among the artists invited from Poznan Caroling was also Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” which the third time sang the most beautiful and popular Christmas Carols with the residents of the home town.

Crowds gathered audiencEPIPHANY WITH WIELKOPOLANIEe greeted the “Wielkopolanie” thunderous applause. The concert began with the rhythm of the polonaise carol of 1792 „Bóg się rodzi moc truchleje”. Artists dressed in costumes of Poznan, Szamotuly, Dabrowka Wielkopolska, Spisz and Krzczonow presented not only traditional Polish Christmas carols. The concert program also includes traditional pastorals. EPIPHANY WITH WIELKOPOLANIE

 They were created when the ecclesiastical authorities in the first half of the eighteenth century banned nativity scenes, and then began to shape the folk tradition.

The village quickly knew Church’s Carols and began to create new, so-called pEPIPHANY WITH WIELKOPOLANIEastorals.

Their theme is wandering shepherds to Bethlehem among Polish landscape. “Wielkopolanie” have in its program the pastorals of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Developed by Stanislaw Horbik and played on traditional folk instruments were performed during the concert. The program includes pastorals from Rzeszow, Spisz, Krakow, Warmia and Mazury, Silesian region and many others, performed by the “Wielkopolanie” were combined according to the tradition of dancing to the Jesus.

At the end “Wielkopolanie” and gathered people in the Church in the rhythm of the eighteenth century carol sing “Przybieżeli do Betlejem”

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