06 / 11 / 19

Educational routes around schools

In October, the dancers of the “Wielkopolanie” Folklore Group went on two educational routes around schools, kindergartens and nurseries of the Greater Poland Voivodeship, performing in 88 centers.

On October 1, the dancers and musicians of the group began a concert tour in the field of regional education, showing the beauty of Opoczno folklore and Krakow lands. During 70 concerts, they came to schools, kindergartens and nurseries in Greater Poland, showing the richness of dance, singing and costume of both regions. The concert program included: hop waltz, tramblank, oberek and other dances characteristic of the culture of these lands. Over 5,000 listeners had the opportunity to see the variety of dance forms of these regions and even subregions, learn the costumes, and dance with the dancers of Greater Poland.

On October 21, teachers of the Forge of Tradition presented Greater Poland instruments during the “Colors of Sound” concert, a listening lesson in Poznań organized by the ZAMEK Culture Center. The concert, which took place as part of the castle cycle named “My Music” and aimed to show the diversity of sounds extracted from instruments around the world. “Wielkopolanie” for over 400 participants of this event presented the Greater Poland bagpipes, mazanki, goat and sierszenki.

From October 21, the dancers of “Wielkopolanie” went on another tour, this time with the theme of national dances. During it, they visited 17 educational and cultural centers showing the national culture. Over 1,500 listeners, both children and teenagers, had the opportunity to see the diversity of Polish, national folklore in costume, dance and music characteristic of individual national dances. During the concerts, the audience also had the opportunity to learn the basic steps of the Cracovian and the Polonaise, and then perform them together with the dancers of “Wielkopolanie”.

The educational concerts organized by “Wielkopolanie” are intended to bring children closer to Polish national culture, let them learn about its richness and diversity, ancient folk traditions and customs, and above all to develop a sense of national separateness and pride as well as patriotism in children.
Already in November, another educational route will take place after Greater Poland schools and kindergartens. This time the topic will be dance and music folklore of Greater Poland

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