05 / 08 / 21

Educational museum

The Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” has been cooperating with the National Museum of Agriculture and Food Industry in Szreniawa for many years. Thanks to this fruitful cooperation, the Poznań ensemble adds splendor to many prestigious events organized by the museum with its performances. Ensemble dances and sings during Easter fairs, Pyra holidays and others, carrying out the missions of the museum and increasing interest in the collections and resources of this institution in Greater Poland.

On the first weekend of August, “Wielkopolanie”, with their performances and educational activities, added splendor to the Folklore Weekend, filled with numerous attractions for both children and adults.

Demonstrations of the work of folk artists, craftsmen and museum employees were available to the public. There were art workshops for the youngest audience: making straw dolls, painting wooden birds according to folk patterns, molding clay figures, weaving workshops and filling in coloring books. A special attraction were two performances by the team of the Provincial Public Library and the Cultural Animation Center in Poznań, during which the audience was engaged on stage in various games and activities.

At one of the many educational positions, the youngest audience, thanks to the coloring books published by the team, also had the opportunity to learn about the most beautiful Polish folk costumes and traditional instruments of Wielkopolska.


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