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In March 31st to April 1st in National Agriculture and Food Industry Museum the eleventh Easter Fair took place. It refers to the tradition of markets and fairs , which in the past took place before important annual holidays in almost all towns and villages. Fairs were not only the occasion to sell and buy different goods, but also gave the possibility to meet friends and family and to exchange the domestic and international news.

During the whole weekend it was possible for visitors to watch how the folk craftsmen work, familiarize themselves with their hand made pEASTER FAIR AND FOUR SEAZONSroducts, and also buy some of the marvellous works. During the event there were also numerous shows related to Easter tradition, among others visitors could see how to beautify the Easter cake, decorate the Easter eggs, prepare the Easter palm and Easter postcard, bake the bread or prepare Easter Lamb from butter. There were also a lot of natural food products to try and folks souvenirs to buy in the Museum.

Among the snow, rain and sunbeams dancers and musicians of Folk Group Wielkopolanie appeared on the stage. Unfortunately the weather prevented them from performing in the national costumes, nevertheless the audience could hear the beautiful, traditional folk songs and watch the dances from regions of Wielkopolska and Łowicz. Inside the Museum Wielkopolanie presented especially prepared for the occasion performance entitled “Chodzenie z dyngusem”, referred to the tradition and customs of Easter Monday, and the second performace entitled “W Biskupiańskim Gościńcu” showing the plays and dances from the region of Wielkopolska.

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