21 / 03 / 16

Easter Fair

Easter Fair Lot of inhabitants from Poznan, and the Wielkopolska Region appeared at the Museum last weekend before Easter. The organizers made sure in fact that they could buy everything what is necessary for Easter on the fair, but not only. On numerous stalls, exhibitors offered decorative eggs, healthy and delicious food perfect for the Easter table and many other goods. You could also taste delicious food and drink the traditional drinks. The Museum Scene repeatedly hosted dancers and musicians of “Wielkopolanie” during these two days. First of all, they presented a beautiful customs from the Łowicz area – girls walking with “Gaik” (tree or branch decorated with ribbons) and bachelors with the rooster. In addition, they presented well-known polish custom Śmingus-dyngus (water battle). Beautiful costumes, combined with traditional music, dances and songs, made the spring came to Szreniawa, in spite of not very favorable weather. In addition, “Wielkopolanie” presented an extensive artistic program, bringing the audience to folklore dances and music from Śląsk region and the eastern area of Kraków. They also shown some national dances: kujawiak, oberek and krakowiak. There was one more very popular attraction prepared by “Wielkopolanie”. The Manager of folk group, Piotr Kulka, presented traditional games and dances on the stage, where he invited the youngest viewers to. Many of them came from the recently published book “Tradycyjne zabawy wielkopolskie” written by Piotr Kulka, issued by the Provincial Public Library and Culture Animation Center in Poznań. Anyone who arrived to Szreniawa on Easter Fair could not only prepare for Easter by shopping but also were able to feel truly upcoming Easter.

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