23 / 03 / 18


For the seventeenth time, the National Museum of Agriculture and Agricultural-Food Industry invited to visit the Easter Fair in Szreniawa. The event is commercial and recreational in is character. As every year, many attractions awaited the visitors, which allowed them to spend time in a museum facility pleasantly and effectively.

The fair referred to the tradition of similar events that took place before important annual holidays. In addition to buying genuine goods numerous guests could participate in Easter workshops, get to know the customs and folk rituals associated with the upcoming holidays and watch an interesting artistic program.

The Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” of the The Provincial Public Library and Culture Animation Center in Poznań has for many years graced spring festivals at the Museum of Agriculture with their concerts. This year Poznań’s artists as the main event  presented Easter period’s customs from the vicinity of Łowicz – girls walking with “Gaik” (tree or branch decorated with ribbons) and bachelors walking with a rooster. In addition, the presentation of the custom  Śmingus-dyngus (water battle), has also appeared on the stage. Beautiful costumes from Łowicz region combined with traditional music, chants and Łowicz dances, made Spring come to Szreniawa. Additionally, Wielkopolanie presented a comprehensive artistic program, bringing closer to the audience folklore, music and dances of Rzeszów and Przeworsk, Spisz, Lublin, the Eastern Lands of Krakow as well as national dances: kujawiak, oberek and krakowiak.

“Wielkopolanie” didn’t forget about the youngest. It was for them that they prepared the Greater Poland’s games in which they played to the sounds of the folk band.

The artistic program in the museum also included a theatrical performance for children performed by the “Dobry Teatr” Group, Wojtek Szopka Band, a performance for children “Baa-lamb’s Spring Cleaning” and others.

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