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„CROP WE CARRY CROP”Harvest festival is a ceremonial day of the crops, ritual end of harvesting rural crops connected with pompous entertainment. Originally ceremonies related to the end of harvest had important meaning to every farmer. Even if farm was tiny and whole grain was collected a single day, a farmer finishing harvesting wove a wreath of ears, put it on a scythe and so came back home, where his wife hosted him with ceremonial supper made of scrambled eggs and alcohol drinks. Later on, when harvest festival began to be celebrated by nobles it became more fun and a kind of additional payment for harvesters than a true ritual. Whereas in the interwar period and after the World War II, when social, economic and political organizations joined organizing the harvest festival, it became a folk fun connected with artistic performances, fairs, shows of agricultural equipment and even sport competitions and numerous attractions for guests and dwellers.„CROP WE CARRY CROP”

This year’s Harvest Festival of Wielkopolska Province took place in Srem. The hosts of festival were Marshal of Wielkopolska Province – Marek Woźniak, Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, Headman of Srem – Tadeusz Waczyński and Mayor of Srem – Adam Lewandowski.

The Festival ritual was preceded by Mass concelebrated by Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki. The celebration was honored by presence of noble guests: Members of Polish Parliament and senators, representatives of government administration and numerous delegations of deaneries of Poznań Archdiocese. After the Mass a procession of agricultural delegations of all districts and deaneries started from Wielkopolska Insurgents Park to take part in harvest festival ritual.

After solemn cut of the rope with the sickle by Marshal Marek Woźniak dancers of Folkloristic Group Wielkopolanie proudly and seriously presented on stage a wreath of this year’s crops in front of a numerous audience.„CROP WE CARRY CROP” Melodious songs: “Open us the gate wide”, “Crop we carry crop”, chodzony and oberek performed by dancers of Poznań truly rendered this folk ritual.
„CROP WE CARRY CROP”Invited by dancers headmen of festival who were Mrs. Beata Maćkowiak of Luciny and Mr. Tadeusz Mieloch of Borgowo proudly passed a loaf of bread baked from this year’s grain to Mr Marshal, who was the Host of the Harvest Festival. After solemn words spoken by the Host: “I accept this bread as a host of Wielkopolska Province. I promise to divide it wisely and fair.” Stadium was filled with a loud applause.


After a solemn rite an artistic part performed by young Śrem people began. Folkloristic group “Wielkopolanie” presented to the audience and introduced national dances.

The Harverst Festival celebration was accompanied by Eco-fair, where they could watch the Greater Crafts, buy honey or embroidered napkins and taste a home-made dough.

As early as next Sunday, “Wielkopolanie” will present their artistry at the Communal Harvest Festival in Mieścisko.
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