28 / 12 / 22

Christmas tradition of „Wielkopolanie”

uczestnicy spotkania pozujący do zdjęcia

Christmas is a time of joy, love, but also time spent with family. The tradition of meeting at the Christmas table, singing Christmas carols, sharing the wafer and making wishes, as every year, also came to the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”

On December 15, a large family of the management, dancers and musicians of „Wielkopolanie” sat down at the Christmas table. The warmth of the meeting was accompanied by resonant Christmas carols and pastorals. More than a hundred participants of the meeting sang a number of traditional Christmas songs. This year’s Christmas Eve was also graced with songs played by the students of the Forge of Tradition, playing „sierszenki”, „mazanki”, wedding goats and bagpipes from Wielkopolska. Then it was time for the formal part of the meeting – a summary of the year and making wishes while sharing the wafer. The whole meeting was crowned with a Christmas Eve feast, at which the participants spent time together on conversations, memories and plans for the new year.

The past year, despite many difficulties, was very busy for the Folk Group „Wielkopolanie”. It was full of concerts, both full-length and educational ones, over 250 in total. The dancers of the group had many opportunities to get to know each other better and make friends, as well as learn how to cooperate with each other. The most important thing, however, is that thanks to their systematic involvement on a daily basis, they contribute to saving Polish music and dance traditions from oblivion and nurture, in particular, Wielkopolska folk traditions.


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