11 / 12 / 20

Christmas packet

As every year, at the beginning of December, the dancers of the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” got involved in a charity campaign for the most needy. This year, the dancers supported the Swoboda Family Support Center, which has been running a care and educational facility and a window of life for many years. The Swoboda Family Support Center cares for around thirty pupils aged 9 months to 20 years.

There was not much time to prepare the surprise, but we managed to make it. The management, dancers of “Wielkopolanie” of the main group, mature dancers and friends of the team collected over PLN 2,800 for which they bought basic hygiene products, food products, educational toys and RTV equipment necessary for the institution.

The dancers of “Wielkopolanie” are always happy to provide initial help and share the joy of Christmas with everyone on their way. Thanks to this collection, the pupils can be happy and feel the amazing atmosphere of Christmas. Such help their dignity and confirmation that they are not alone in their will.

                                                                                                                                         M Sz

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